Our activities are supervised by Fabien Martin, AVENGA manager, certified with French State Diplomas (BPJEPS and CSA), one for water sports (Kayaking, rafting, hydrospeed…) as well as one for climbing along with 10 years experience in organizing and supervising outdoor activities.To answer a well as possible to your requests, AVENGA might require the collaboration of some professional colleagues belonging to his network, who will provide as demanding and ethical quality services...


Some information regarding diplomas

Diplomas with professional vocation:

  • BE, BPJEPS, BAPAAT are French State diplomas dedicated to professionals. They are delivered after a 1500 hours training (minimum) by State Organizations (DDCSPP) and they give access to a professional permit renewable every 5 years (after a medical visit). They give right to supervise only the activities specifically mentioned in the diploma against remuneration (For instance a Spelunking BE won’t be able to supervise climbing activities…).
  • “Monitorat Kayak”, Kayaking instruction (graduated before 2007) is a federal certificate delivered by the French Federation for Canoeing, Kayaking and activities related (FFCKDA).  It allows supervising Canoeing and Kayaking activities during July and August only, with a specific agreement and derogation from the French State Organization (DDCSPP).

Diplomas allowing supervising activities unpaid:

  • 1st degree Federal Instructor (Initiateur), or 2nd degree Federal Instructor (Moniteur) are certificates delivered after a 6 to 15 days training given by the French Federation related to each specific activity (Climbing French Federation, Canoeing and Kayaking, …). These diplomas allow supervising each type of activity unpaid in a Federal environment only (a club competition, a day out with the club members or a special open doors event for the club…)