"Canoeing or Kayaking??"

Whether on calm waters or whitewaters, a session of Canoeing or Kayaking (CK), you will always have fun! On your own or with a partner, with a simple or double paddle, don't even hope to remain dry

Going down a river with a "CK" can give you a chance to see the surroundings fauna and flora, to watch and visit an hydroelectric dam, as well as pushing your neighbor in the water or just enjoy being rocked by the water... 

Pick a place and an itinerary according to your wish: a lake, a river by your place, we discuss with you the different possibilities.

  • A session on a lake: it is well adjusted for a fun learning introduction. It suits perfectly a children'group initiation, or the first session of a learning cycle.
  • Itinerary with level of difficulty from I to II, to go down smoothly all along the river. It will be an opportunity to enjoy a wild environment, landscapes, swims and why not a picnic. 
  • Itinerary with level of difficulty from II to III, to go down the river on a slightly more sportive way. Crossing rapids will certainly lead you to take a bath against your will!

From half a day initiation to a complete cycle, AVENGA will do its best to find a solution adjusted to your needs offering different activities supports such as hydrospeed,... on the place of your choice (subject to an access allowed to the water spot). 

Feel like kayaking freely on you own, without a guide; meet us at AVENGA multi-activities outdoor site in Saint Geniez d'Olt to rent Canoes on different itineraries

In partnership with accomodation (camping, guest houses,...) and catering businesses (restaurants, caterers...), AVENGA organizes as well kayak or multi activities trainings (for teams, communities...) in France or abroad.   

Here are some navigating possibilities in the area:

Lot (or Olt...) river

  • Castelnau-Lassouts lake
  • From St Geniez d'Olt to lac de Castelnau with a level of difficulty from I to II
  • From St Laurent d'Olt to St Geniez d'Olt with a level of difficulty from II to III
  • "Ajustons" course near La Canourgue with a level of difficulty from II to III or IV

Tarn river : its Gorges...

Here are some navigating possibilities abroad:

In spain:  rio Gallego,  Noguera Pallaresa,...
In Italy, in Slovenia,...

Prices (starting from:): 27€ with guide



Group price (starting from):consult us