Wether your are a beginner or experienced, whatever your age is, come and surpass yourself safely

From a "discovery" session to a "progression" session (to improve your level), on an artificial wall or on a cliff, we take our time so that you trust yourself to introduce you to the activity or to perfect your level.

Climbing, particularly adjusted to recreation centers and youngsters programs, is also likely to be practiced amoung families or friends. Everyone is benefiting. Some like to challenge themselves, others share a good time or make themselves useful to belay their friends....

During every school holidays, Avenga organises rock climbing training sessions on natural cliffs.  Don’t hesitate to go to Avenga facebook page to follow the news about upcoming climbing training sessions or register by e-mail at to be informed ahead about dates and locations for the sessions…

A wide range of practicing spots to meet your expectations: block climbing indoor (without ropes and on big mattresses...), rock climbing indoor, cliffs (Tarn, Jonte & Dourbie Gorges, Salles la Source and Gages cliffs,...), at home with our mobile climbing wall, or again, at home or close by, on trees.


Price (starting from): 27€ / pers



Group price 8 to 12 pers (starting from):consult us