Fun climbing

Fun-climbing for Playing-climbing.

Here we don't deal with real climbing. During a Fun-Climbing session, everything is a good pretext to hang down your harness, swing on huge swings, go down rappelling, slide along a tyrolean, cross a net set up high, go from one tree to another... Actually, almost everything you like!


Whether it is a tree course, or a huge tyrolean,...  AVENGA imagines for you all the solutions adjusted to your needs.

Under a gymnasium roof, in a garden or a park trees, there is certainly opportunities nearby your place.

For smaller kids, starting from 3 years old, as well as for bigger sportive people, possibilities are numerous: 4 different activities for school children, rappeling or tyrolean for a sportive event, or even a monkey bridge and a huge swing for the customers of a mall... ,for each public its offer.


Add sensational to your event bringing the mobile climbing wall or spice your tree climbing session with a tyrolean or a big rappel..



Setup price : 180€



+  instructort: 1/2J = 180 € ; 1J = 300 €