Tree Climbing

Who has never dreamt to climb up a tree?

At home or a place of your own choice, we come and offer a tree climbing session.

In a beech tree, oak tree or chestnut tree forest or in your own park or garden, whether it is 3 meters or 15 meters high up from the ground, take your time to enjoy life from up there.

Thanks to rock climbing techniques, AVENGA allows you to make your dreams come true being safe.

Thanks to climbing equipment standards (harness, helmet, ropes, belaying system, carabiners, ....) as well as climbing holds set up thanks to ratchet straps, you climb up to the top of the tree.

Following your qualified intructor's advices, you learn how to belay your climbing partners.Once you are up there, you will whether come down roping, rappelling or with a tyrolean...



AVENGA offers other mobiles activities: mobile climbing wall, fun climbing sessions, nights in the trees...




Setup price : 180€



+ instructor: 1/2J = 180 € ; 1J = 300€